Concept Art 

Our traditional artistic background and long experience in the field of Fine Arts of our team of artists, offers a know-how and high creativity in the development and design of our customers’ projects.

Studio Dan provides a whole creative service for production companies but also for publishers with the realization of products for the entertainment industry, collectable and flow pack and even the creation of a new brand or the development of a project based on existing licenses.

Studio Dan offers a comprehensive design service that includes 2D and 3D design methods.

  • Designing and Developing Characters and Creatures based on Concept/Story/Images
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustration
  • Environments and Landscape Matte Painting

Artistic Techniques


  • Preparatory Sketches
  • Conceptual Sketches


  • Fantasy and Surrealism
  • Figure Drawing


  • Caricature and Grotesque
  • Digital and Airbrush Illustration


  • Portrait Oil Painting
  • Icons Painting