Studio Dan Digital Sculpting

We have a traditional art education, based on painting techniques, illustration, architecture and design. Our projects are mostly created and illustrated using 3D modelling techniques.

Our designing and development team consists of talented artists, creative designers, sculptors and painters whose combined efforts result in the creation of digital sculptures and dioramas  for entertainment industry in order to provide our customers with excellence in the development of their highly detailed collectibles projects.

This group of artist shares a common goal – Create artwork with a passion for quality and beauty.

Who we are

Rodolfo De Bernardi is an Architect, Interior Designer and a digital sculptor.
Having a strong background in art, he handles different aspects of production, concept, modelling 3D and development.
Graduated in Architecture from Polytechnic University of Milan. Teacher of digital technologies and visual communication at the Polytechnic.
He collaborated with architectural studies for urban project, lighting, interior and esterior.
Co-founder of the Studio Dan Art Project.

Fabio Dal Molin is an Art Director, Professional Painter and a digital sculptor, who specializes in Statue collection design for the Toy and Collectibles Industries.
Born and raised in Italy, Fabio Dal Molin developed a great interest for drawing, art and traditional painting.
Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, in Milan, 1992.
Co-founder of the Studio Dan Art Project.


Studio Dan Art Project

Our work is built on 15 years of experience in Creative Productions, Designing and Development in the fields of Architecture, Interior design, and Toy design.

We collaborate with architectural firms offering 3D modelling and rendering services, and with manufacturers and publishing houses for the development of entertaining products, collectibles and flow-pack packaging.

Thanks to the know-how acquired over the years in research, design and creative development, we have created a new artistic laboratory dedicated exclusively to the creation of digital sculptures for the market for collectible products : Studio Dan Digital Sculpting.

  • Architecture & Interior Design
    Architectural Project, Rendering and 3D animations, Lighting Design.
  • Toys Design
    Project for Toys and Collectibles, 3D Character Design.
  • Digital Sculpting
    Digital Sculpture for Statues, Miniature Figurines, Action Figures and 3D Printing.
  • Medical 3D & Dental
    Anatomical models, mapping and texturing, rendering and post production.

Artist Collaborations

ZoneCreative S.r.l.

Creative Direction, Advertising,
Digital Photography

Unexpected Custom

Unexpected Custom

Unexpected Custom is a prestigious Italian brand in the world of customizing.
It is a young brand but has already won the respect and the approbation of many fans and experts in the “Kustom” sector.

Daniele Del Rosso

Daniele Del Rosso

Daniele Del Rosso is a Traditional Sculptor and Digital Painter

Matteo Drovetto

Matteo Drovetto

Matteo Drovetto is a Surface designer
Hyundai Motor Company
Consulting surface designer for external firm (Esiste s.r.l.)

Sara Vineis

Sara Vineis is a Lighting Artist at the Axis VFX, Bristol, UK.
The Animal Crackers Movie – Feature film (2016)